Resin and Pigments

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Acrylic Emulsions / Binders: We maintain regular stock of acrylic emulsions which we source from all over the more

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Alkyd Resins: We were the first to understand the differences of formulation of each customer and... read more

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Imported Paints: Looking at the fact that there is a vast difference in the dispersion pattern between the... read more

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Speciality Varnishes: One area where we scored over others is realising long back the lack of technology... read more

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Pigments: Realising that the brightness and depth of the coating depends on the pigment which is what imparts the colour... read more

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Paper Chemicals: Our recent foray into Paper Sizing Chemicals has been hugely successful with customers... read more

Overview of Resin And Pigments ...

Resin And Pigments was established way back in 1991 when there was a vaccuum in the resin industry with the small scale paint industries not finding enough suppliers to cater to their typical needs. All existing players catered to large industries and as such did not know the nuances of the paint factory owner's day to day requirements.

Having successfully created a loyal customer base among our target customers we have grown along with them with expanding our capacity from 75 tons per month to over 300 tons per month. All the same we have helped our customers to grow also and most of our initial small scale customers can no longer be called "small scale"!!

Our range has also diversified and we now boast of a product range which covers the entire gamut of the paint scenario so much so that we can be known as a "One Stop Shop" for the paint industries.....Read more