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Acrylic Emulsion Technical Literature:

Description : Smooth and gentle emulsion finish to enhance the sophisticated image of all modern homes.
Type : A modified Acrylic Polymer Emulsion. Premium Grade.
Colour : White
Uses : Decorative and protective coat for internal and external surfaces. eg.



Application data

Method : Roller, brush
Typical Coverage : 100 SFT per Litre
Dilution : Dilute with clean water to improve workability as required
Surface : Surface must be clean, dry and stable prior to painting Surface Preparation
Dirt/Powder : Clean with clamp cloth. Mild detergent may be used.
Paint : Remove unstable old film by scraper, whichever is appropriate.
Moisture : High moisture causes paint defect. Observe the following level prior to painting: Masonry - below 6% Wood - below 10%. All water seepage must be rectified before painting.
Fungus : Remove by scrubbing
Oil/Grease : Clean off with mild detergent and a little solvent. Wash thoroughly to remove all trace.
Drying Time : Touch Dry - 30 minutes at 30 degree Centigrade
Overcoating : 2 hours minimum in normal conditions
Cleaning : Clean all equipment immediately with clean water.

General Information

Solid Content : 50%
Specific Gravity : 1.2
Storage : Store in a tightly sealed container in a cool dry place.
Shelf Life : Up to 10 months in a tightly sealed container.
Precaution : Avoid direct contact with sensitive skin. Use appropriate protective equipment.

The information given is intended to give a description of the product performance under specific test conditions. Nevertheless, we cannot assume any responsibility for the use of it since circumstances under which the products are applied in practice are subjected to many variations.